The Order of St. Possenti

The Order of Saint Possenti

Who we are

We are a military order of the Body of Christ,
a religious brotherhood that receives combat veterans into community. We are together, Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant Christian men moved by the Holy Spirit to restore and care for combat veterans in need of peace. We acknowledge a fallen world, a sundered church, and broken men. We train up vital Christian men for success in a hostile world as breadwinners, husbands, fathers, and citizens in secular and sacred leadership.


We seek to connect veterans, wounded in body, soul, and spirit, troubled and too often discarded by society, to a vital relationship with Jesus so they may find healing and peace. Combat takes a fearful toll on its participants. We believe for restoration the whole man must be addressed so that he may successfully live in healthy relations and personal peace.

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Who We Serve

We serve primarily combat veterans in need of peace. Through a variety of therapeutic means we provide spiritual renewal, mental relief, physical rebuilding, and relational succor. We aim towards returning the man, confident in his abilities and skill, to the community at large outside the gates of the monastery, so he may help defend and rebuild the Christian West.

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