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The Badge of the Vanguard is a Shield embossed with the Order’s monogram being thrust forward on wings

Definition of vanguard

1: the forefront of an action or movement
2: the troops moving at the head of an army

1: The forefront an action or movement

The Order of Saint Possenti is taking its first Steps. Will you join us in these steps to create a lasting institution? Will you be at the forefront of seeing how Christ can use you and the order to making meaningful progress against the enemies in our culture? Will you move with us to bring those broken to Christ to be made whole?

2: The troops moving at the head of an army

The Vanguard are more to the order than raising its war chest. the Vanguard are people who skills and service will be utilized to make up the first units of the order. Let us know where you can hold a line.

We will start a new order of Christian monks. a New Type of monk, to meet a new type of need. A hybrid of monastic and chivalric orders and more.”

– The Heretics of Saint Possenti, Rolf Nelson

The Order’s monogram


Unique Badge on Social Galactic

Your user on Social Galactic will have a unique badge to show the rest of the community that you are supporting the Order.

Memebrship in the Vanguard Group

The Vanguard Group is a private, exclusive group on Social Galactic where you can hear exclusive news and interact and assist with the people build the foundations of the order

Exclusive Merch and More

We are working on Unique, custom, exclusive T-shirts and lapel pins so that you can show your support while at the gym or when you visit our future site.

And there will be more, as we have said, we are just getting started.

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