What Does it Take to Make an Exorcist (part 3)

What does it take to make an exorcist? Piety. This is not a game, nor a hobby, nor an object of curiosity. This is war. The enemy fights dirty, and he plays for keeps. If you know not the armor of God, learn. If you are not already daily placing yourself, and your loved ones by name, under the blood and authority of Jesus, your spirit, soul, body and heart, mind, will – you are not ready. If you, as the living sacrifice described in Romans 12.1-2 are unable or unwilling to remain on the altar, then you have no business attempting to free another from bondage to Satan. He knows your compromises and secret sins. He will use them against you. He knows when you discard your armor. Be ye holy, for I am holy, says our Lord. Each day, your piety is your armor.

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