What Does it Take to Make an Exorcist? (part 4)

What does it take to make an exorcist? Self-Control. Your demonic opponent will try several gambits against you. Do not yield the initiative. First, he will attempt concealment. Failing that, he will attempt to frighten you (An inverse relationship exists between faith and fear) to weaken your faith. He may then try to berate, defy, and bully you (I’ll speak more of this when I discuss Authority). He may try to seduce you. Failing all that he may try to either run out the clock down rabbit trails to exhaust you, or, by pricking your curiosity entice you to learn from him. DO NOT get your theology from demons. Restrain yourself, command him to silence. Keep your head about you, your emotions under control, and your faith in the written word of God. Self-Control is essential to success. Can you do this? Ask for Christ’s help to provide it.

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