Aspiring teachers take note

Further rumination and reflection on the text:

“Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road, while he opened to us the scriptures?”

  • Luke 24.32

Aspiring teachers take note, here is the exemplar of instruction. In the secular teaching profession, lessons are constructed to fulfill learning objectives (dry discussion, yes, but stick with me, it’s worth it). These learning objectives are below:

Cognitive, what you Know, facts, properties, processes
Affective, what you Feel, is it valuable to me? is it interesting? does it move me
Behavioral, what you Do, now you take action

Then, I must note, Christian education, freely acknowledging the Lordship of Jesus, embraces Objective (not secular Relative) Reality. God is in charge – he made the universe – what He says goes. Jesus the Way, Truth &Life. Why is this important? Well, because of our allegiance to Objective reality we add a 4th goal:

Existential: What you Become, like Jesus, victorious.

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