How do I know my soul is healthy?

Has no one ever asked you this? Has anyone ever inquired as to your soul? To what does the soul pertain? As pointed out by @lightninghands, the normative theologian of historic Roman Catholic teaching Thomas Aquinas says of the soul, “which holds the lowest grade among intellectual substances.” In other words – plain thinking. About what? God. The Apostle Paul stated,

“And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified its passions and desires.”

Gal 5.24
Have you done so? Are you in such a place at the moment? In your own plain thinking, are you still harboring desires you know are harmful, shameful, destructive, out of control, sinful? Of course no one else sees them at the moment. You’ve hidden them quite well. The measure of the health of a soul is to what extent have you crucified these desires, or not. A healthy soul puts them down. Then free, it lives. How is your soul?

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