What are the Dread Ilk

Some Bears have asked what are the Dread Ilk, what characterizes us? A thirst for truth. Our intramural arguments can almost always be traced to what is the truth. Some of this is expressed savagely, but make no mistake, we love each other deeply, as in many private expressions of prayer, comfort, and congratulation. The Dread Ilk know how to separate an argument from an interlocutor. Other times, our arguments are esoteric: firearms, liquor, pineapple on pizza. All said, we deeply care for the safety, health, and prosperity of each other. We’re kinda like the old hands down at the legion hall.

As I see it, IMHO, the Bears are a joy, you have enthusiasm, you love Jesus, and you want to learn how to fight for your Lord, your families, and do your part in preserving, indeed restoring, healthy Western civilization. Can you be silly? I hope so. The Dread Ilk are at times. Can you fight through to victory? I look forward to seeing it.

Deus Vult

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