What Does it Take to Make an Exorcist? (part 9)

What does it take to make an exorcist? Authority. “What manner of man is this? Even the demons are subject to him!” Jesus didn’t plead, cajole, promise, or negotiate. He commanded. In the gospels he also delegated, “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons.” – Matt 10.8

On a military parade field the Adjutant is not the commander, but he exercises delegated authority to call the battalion to attention and render honors. The Adjutant then turns control of the battalion over to the Commander. Our Commander has delegated Authority to us, are we not a royal priesthood, a chosen nation? Having, and wielding this delegated authority we can say with confidence, without fear, ‘Go.’ Our human fear of powerlessness is swallowed up in the authority of the written word of our Savior, “…cast out demons.” He gave Authority to become a child of God, and to accomplish his will. Use it. Be ready to fight.

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