It’s All Greek to Me – Learning Biblical Greek 1.0 (continued)

…Something doesn’t smell right. In the plethora of apps that pop up when you type “greek alphabet” how is a bad review so prominant? While a competitor for Gk alphabet enthusiasts cold har cash is possible. I think it more likely the reviewer could not crack the fact the admittedly confusingly labeled “speaker” button actually sounded out the Gk letter instead of being an on/off volume button.. Oh well. “Greek Alphabet Academy” works fine.

A second app I saw further down the list is “Simple Greek.” This is a fun, quick memory challenge but don’t try it until you are comfortable naming the letters. Sadly, the sound function wouldn’t work. Still, the streak challenge was fun.

Finally, the app “Greek Alphabet Tutor”showed the letter, the Gk name, the English name, and pronounced it in modern Gk. Used to contemporary English pronunciation, that was a bit jarring to me. But this app is well laid out, and only $2.99 USD.

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